The Role of a Mid-Life Mid-Wife

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I call myself a Mid-Life Midwife…

This phrase captures the soul-witnessing work I love to do with women. The birth analogy is a powerful one, for, in our wise instinctual bodies, women know how to create new life.

As we move into our later years and our biological birthing-ability fades, our power naturally shifts to an entirely different frequency. Throughout the menopausal process, our creative womb-energy gradually moves from the uterus to the womb of our hearts. This biological reorientation actually expands our life-generating abilities, allowing mature women to develop a radiantly creative field far beyond our immediate families.

In our limited cultural perspective, we have forgotten that we are biologically wed to Life’s great mysteries. Throughout all the phases of our lives, women are intimately bound to the generative aspects of Nature.  In our later years, our capacity to birth creative ‘babies’ through the womb of our hearts is immensely powerful. However, when we fail to understand and consciously participate in this natural body-soul evolution, or when society dismisses and patronizes our mature ‘blossoming,’ we can experience a great sense of loss and barrenness. While this is personally sad, the greater tragedy is the loss of the unknown gift that a woman’s body-soul could bring into the world at this critical time.

How we translate the great stirring within us during our midlife years — as a temporary irritating restlessness or as a call to embrace our destiny, makes all the difference to our later-life experience and ultimately to our aching, beautiful world.



In the middle of their lives, women often feel an intense pressure to explore and express something new….

This beautiful and natural process, the opportunity to birth a totally new aspect of our feminine power during and after menopause, can be an intense and fiery time. We are not the same women as we were during our twenties and thirties, but our new sense of identity and life-direction may not be immediately apparent.

As our souls seek new expression through our changing bodies, we can easily feel confused and disoriented. At the same time, if we have been cultivating our inner lives, we may feel pregnant with mysterious new energy.  Meanwhile, our culture scarcely acknowledges the emerging power of older, mature women and does little to support the birth of feminine mysteries.

In reality, we are ‘dangerous women’ during the necessary upheaval of a body-soul transformation. We tend to question and challenge everything. We re-examine ourselves, our purpose and direction in life. We tend to look at our partners and friends with different eyes and we ponder the state of the world with great concern. We ask ourselves, What is our role and our responsibility in these changing times? How can we make a difference?

A deep heart review is always risky. Our questions tend to destabilise the balanced status quo, but unless we completely numb ourselves and squelch the fires of change, mid-life women keep asking the hard questions.



While we face a variety of personal difficulties, we also share challenges common to many women. These are some of the issues I’ve observed many women addressing, with great dedication and integrity.

Women often experience a disbelief in their own ‘greatness.’ Lifetimes of culturally imposed conditioning on top of personal shame and guilt may cause us to mask or bury our inner gold, making it difficult to feel, trust, and express our strength and beauty.

If our sense of identity is rooted solely in giving and caring for others, we may have forgotten how to receive love, to open to nourishment, to invite healing energies into our body-souls through activities that give us joy.

When a society defines our roles as wives and mothers, and we have lovingly embraced these responsibilities, what happens to us when these cherished roles are gone? Every woman struggles to redefine herself at different phases of her life but the mid-life transition can be a very lonely, difficult time when society fails to mirror or celebrate our wealth of new possibilities.

When imagination and intuition are stunted through patriarchal encounters, trauma, or neglect, we may not trust our hearts’ dreams or know how to creatively imagine the next phase of our lives. Feeling lost, we may give away our power to others who are more than happy to tell us what we should do and how we should live our lives.



By nature, women are relational. Whether we are introverted or extroverted, we value authentic feeling-connection. One of the tragedies of the loss of the sacred feminine is the broken web of true sisterhood. In a desire to be witnessed in our deepest authenticity, how many women have trusted a ‘best’ friend, then felt hurt and betrayed by some cruel or thoughtless action. Wounds inflicted by an unconscious act by a ‘sister’ go far deeper than with a man, however, when we shut our hearts toward another woman, we bury a vital part of our own creative potency.

Saddened by the devastation in the world, the breakdown of ecosystems, the rape of the planet for material gain, many women feel a sense of impotence and hopelessness. Without great worldly authority, what can we, as women, do? Even if we did have positions of power, would we know what needs to be done and how change can occur?

When we strive to succeed and live up to external goals, we lose touch with our bodies and the rhythms of nature. With very few models for a sensuous and mature feminine spirituality, we tend to adopt the same overly-intense and driven approach we experience in the world around us. This contaminates the best of our spiritual intentions and leaves us feeling exhausted and disillusioned.


INTUITIVE CONSULTATIONS: Soul-Midwifing for Mid-Life Women

Anything that is witnessed with love responds in kind by softening, opening, and pulsing with its own confident heartbeat. Lovingly gazing at their babies, mothers know in their bones the awesome power of witnessing. In our later years, when our essential nature, the truth of our soul, is witnessed with love, we feel safe to let what is hidden deep within us to emerge in its own natural time and in its authentic way.

During intuitive consultations and private retreats at Grey Heron, each woman is welcomed and celebrated, her desires and challenges honoured as emerging beauty. Through an organic process, inspiring images and intuitive insights arise, bringing clarity and a broader, more loving perspective to the situation. The ‘natural way’ that emerges for each woman is always original, in complete harmony with Self and Nature.

A Moment with your Inner Gold is now the title for the free 20-minute readings I offer on an ongoing basis as an introduction to my intuitive work, using the Raven Essences as a nature-based divinatory resource to explore three questions: Where am I? Where am I going? and What wisdom do I need now? You are welcome to gift these free sessions to anyone, particularly mid-life women, who would appreciate a taste of their ‘inner gold.’ Simply have them contact me by email and I’ll arrange the session.


Cultivating your Natural Way
defines in-depth intuitive readings that focus on specific issues. The range of topics can include life transitions, relationship challenges, grief and loss, creative expression and personal spirituality. Flower essences may be recommended for ongoing support after the session.

Both types of intuitive readings offer women an opportunity to be fully seen and heard.  Highly original images and insights from the intuitive process inspire a broad and loving perspective on you and your circumstances. Viewing your life challenges as soul-intensity encouraging new growth calms negative self-questioning and helps you feel less ‘crazy.’ At the end of a soul-witnessing reading, you will feel affirmed and firmly rooted in your natural way of being.

Once people are more familiar with this approach, we may agree to contract for a longer process called Tending Your Soul Garden. This is an individually created program combining various elements of my work (intuitive readings, flower essences, and perhaps private retreats). Over the year-long cycle, we create a powerful field of energy that supports your emergence as a creative, empowered woman with unique gifts to offer the world at this time.

All three offerings come under the umbrella of Restoring Nature’s Forgotten Frequencies. As we honour the wisdom of our souls and embody our authentic way of being, we are helping to restore nature’s forgotten frequencies, within ourselves and all creation. This is both the privilege and the responsibility of being a woman in these remarkable times.

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