Owl’s Nest Retreats





Private Retreats for Women


At crucial times in our lives, we all need a safe space to shed an old skin and give birth to the new.

An Owl’s Nest Retreat is an invitation to Come Home to your Self.

IMG_1999Owl’s Nest is a tranquil woodland setting in Port Hope where Andrea facilitates a variety of transformative retreats… 


IMG_2250Spring through fall retreats are particularly delightful for there is a beautiful sunroom and wrap-around verandah to enjoy lounging. Owl’s Nest is just minutes from Lake Ontario, and an easy walk into the heart of one of the most well-preserved heritage towns in Ontario.

Cost: $600 for two days and nights, including accommodation, meals and snacks and some intuitive counselling throughout the time. $825 for three days and nights. The retreat includes a telephone conversation beforehand to determine food needs, types of activities, and a focus for the time and a 20-minute follow-up consultation ten days later to reflect on what emerged through the retreat.

Self-Directed Retreats at Owl’s Nest

IMG_2235Owl’s Nest serves as a tranquil, supportive setting for writers. The spacious master bedroom has an ensuite bath and private balcony. You’re welcome to enjoy the rest of the house — sunroom, living room, verandah and garden during your stay. 

Cost: $180 per 24-hour day. To book a self-directed retreat, please email or call Andrea at 647-528-8245. (Intuitive consultations are a separate fee.) 


A different kind of Bed-and-Breakfast

IMG_2005If you would like a weekend get-away, by yourself or with a partner, to stop over on a long trip along the 401 corridor, or to explore the Northumberland Hills, I’d be delighted to host you here at Owl’s Nest for a luxurious B&B experience.

Cost: $125 per night includes private accommodation (queen bed, ensuite bath and balcony) and a 3-course breakfast, designed to accommodate any of your dietary needs. Port Hope has a wide variety of restaurants if you are staying on for several days.

Testimonials from previous Solo Retreats at Grey Heron, in Maple, Ontario


IMG_2120I arrived at Grey Heron stressed, spent, empty, with big questions about my life. I left three days later feeling more whole, renewed, and connected to inner purpose and direction. Grey Heron is a magical place where anything can happen… and it did. The retreat was an incredibly precious gift to myself. D. Kinsinger, Newmarket, Ont.

You coaxed me beyond my comfort zones… and something got resolved on a very deep level. Your sensitivity, profound experience and your deep willingness to facilitate these processes engendered the trust and confidence for me to let go and follow the stream of my own consciousness. I wrote quite a bit in my journal – prompted by the ‘soft animal of my body’ basking in the sunshine. Grey Haven is a special place for me.  I enjoyed being free to be in the space without feeling a guest or interloper.  I really felt welcome and at ease.  I appreciated the times between when you were attending to your business and I attended my solitude.  I slept peacefully and deeply in that hug of a room. M. Harding, Toronto