Raven Essence Consultations





Soul Witnessing ~ Deep Resonant Listening

THE PREMISE for All Raven Essence Consultations

As a creative intuitive, trained by years of deep listening in my garden, I observe people the way I do plants, viewing each person as a unique ‘soul-seed.’  While plants reveal their essence through many beautiful forms, people are more complex and sometimes more guarded. My training in the garden gave me an invaluable template for how to assist my fellow human beings. Witnessing each person’s essence, I initially tune into what is healthy and true rather than what is broken, then I listen for the elements that would nurture your growth… Read more

SELECTION PROCESS for Flower Essences

Choosing the right flower essences can be a challenge! While I recommend several options to guide your own selection process, many people appreciate a half-hour consultation. Being witnessed allows them to get to the heart of their issues before selecting the most appropriate essences. The telephone session is recorded, and the essence definitions are sent to you by email before you make your purchase. For more information



Personal Emergency Trauma Solutions are the highly individualized equivalent of Bach’s Rescue Remedy, created from the full repertoire of the Raven Essences. The creation process begins with a half-hour intuitive consultation. You receive three essence bottles (enough for years), the essence definitions, and a detailed written interpretation of the essence’s inner story, revealing your stress responses and recommending creative ways to work with your life-challenges. To purchase your own ETS


PRACTITIONER CONSULTATIONS — Witnessing Practitioners and the Soul of their Practice

To educate and support holistic practitioners interested in integrating flower essences into their practice, I’m delighted to offer a free half-hour telephone consult. My intention is to establish resonance without any pressure to purchase products. For more information

GENERAL INFORMATION on Soul Witnessing Consultations

Soul witnessing consultations are $120 per hour, in-person or long-distance. (Half-hour sessions are $60.) As additional support after the session, flower essences may be recommended. If you desire, the consultations are recorded for you to listen to later on (CD or audio link.) Payment can be done at the time of the consult by credit card or Paypal through the on-line store. To book a personal soul witnessing consultation, please contact me by email or phone.


I am grateful to the many people who have asked for my intuitive wisdom, trusting me as they opened their hearts and shared their worlds. Without you, I’d just be communing with trees, flowers, and stones… Here are some of their words.