Raven Essence Consultations – the Premise

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As a creative intuitive trained through many years of gardening, I tend to observe people the way I do plants.

I have developed an ability to see each person as the unique ‘seed.’  Witnessing how this essential part of the person grows, I listen for what best supports them and what might be causing interference.

Sounds easy, however people are much more complex than plants. There are no cliched formulas for everybody is unique/ I approach each consultation with curiosity. What will this be revealed in this situation? What does this person need?

Working from these simple, organic principles, I have been able to support people through all kinds of change.

A consultation begins with what is healthy and true rather than what is broken or blocked. By honoring the life-force in any situation, it is easy to sense how the vital life-energy wants to move.

We are beginning to appreciate that Nature’s way is always far wiser, more balanced, and harmonious than our clever mental solutions.

I am dedicated to listen for Nature’s way, in my own life and with my clients.

That’s the simple process.

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