Cultivating My Natural Way — In-depth Intuitive Consultations

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If you are about to experience your first in-depth Raven Essence Consultation…
you may appreciate knowing a little about the framework of an intuitive session. Though each session is unique, over time I have developed an approach that allows me to work in depth on the issues and concerns you bring, to offer practical insights and metaphoric images that inform our work together. Each session is co-creative, meaning we work together in a very dynamic way. We both want the best and most useful information for you! I am very sensitive to the power dynamics in these sessions, and encourage you to speak up if something I say does not resonate with you. I may need to clarify my words or look more closely at what I intuitively perceive.

Before the session, I usually ask you to write me a brief email about what you would like to consider in the session, and a little relevant history about you. This saves us time within the consultation itself, whether we work long-distance or in-person. It also helps you to focus and gives me time to prepare for our conversation.

Within the session, I begin by tuning in and asking for an image of you and your energy. This image informs and opens the field of resonance between us at a deep level, not always easily achieved through words alone. I always check with you whether the image resonates with you and what you’re currently experiencing.

Then we move into the main part of the session. Again, I like to let my intuition guide me in forming the structure for the session, even though you have outlined what you want to achieve in our time. I use my muscle-testing to test for the number things we are to address, then I listen for what the theme is for each topic; these become the ‘chapter headings’ for the remainder of the session. Step by step, we move through each theme, as I employ my intuitive skills, pausing to welcome your input and feedback throughout the time. Most people like to have their sessions recorded, both to remember the precise metaphors and words I say and to enjoy their own wisdom emerging as the conversation unfolds. I use my muscle-testing at the end of each section to assure that we have fully gathered the insights and understandings before moving on.

At the end of this process, I ask if you have any further questions. Often the more circuitous approach has delightfully covered the topics you brought to the session, and sometimes there is an additional question arising from the work. This can usually be swiftly addressed within the highly receptive field we have generated together.

To close the session, I take a final look at your energy-field to witness and offer you a new image. This lovely way of concluding the session honours the shift that has occurred. The process of deep soul-witnessing initiates subtle yet profound changes and it is very empowering to move forward with the new image and metaphor of yourself and your circumstance.

If you want to work with flower essences as support for your ongoing journey, I muscle-test at the end of the session (once your energy has shifted to a new frequency) for what is resonates with you now. We explore the synchronicity of how the particular essences mirror and support you, and I make recommendations on how to use them and the period of time they may be useful.

Our work together may be complete with just the one session. However, if you feel this process is something you would like to continue in ongoing sessions, I have a program called Tending Your Soul Garden. I only invite people who have experienced at least one or two intuitive sessions to participate in this work. Once you’ve had time to digest what we’ve explored in your first session, I’d be delighted to share more information about the nature of this work.

Andrea Mathieson

P.S. I also offer free introductory telephone sessions called A Moment with Your Inner Gold, a divinatory session using the Raven Essence definitions to explore three questions: Where am I? Where am I going? and What wisdom do I need now?


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