Living Creatively in Dramatically Changing Times

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This blog includes excerpts from the booklet for the Living Creatively Kit. In recent divinatory consultations, the three essences in this kit came up over and over again, prompting me to update the essences and information and to republish the kit. The energies in this 3-essence kit seem pivotal to what is occurring at this highly volatile time.

Originally created at the beginning of the new millenium, the Living Creatively kit was updated at the end of 2012, in coordination with the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new era.

The kit highlights ways to thrive in our dramatically changing world.  A quote from the New Year 2013 essence gives an overview on the challenges, and the opportunities, inherent in these times. When a living system is out of balance, as our world is now, chaos theory recognizes the system is actually attempting to self-organize into a new, more complex structure. Yet how do we participate in such a dynamic process when everything we know is breaking down or changing?

This is the key question as we move into an uncertain future. Combined with meditative procedures, the three essences offer ways to coordinate with the new energies forming within us and emerging in the larger world.

During these times, we are called to articulate who we are at a soul-level, to rediscover and express our unique and natural way of being. Shakespeare wisely said, “To thine own self be true.” We are called, as never before, to embody the living truth of our wise Self — through our words, our actions, our thoughts, and each decision we make. As we honour the truth and beauty within us, bringing this into expression in daily living, we are no longer victims of change but an integral part of the new life seeking to blossom.

The light that is emerging now is an inner light, not a bright and shining star in the distant heavens. Sensing this warmth within our body-souls, we must nurture and cultivate our still small voice, protecting the light within and letting this energy fill every cell in our bodies. As we do this, our radiance naturally restores light within our world. Linked with the divine, our presence offers blessing and healing to our world, far more than our cherished beliefs and clever mental strategies.

A visceral relatedness to all forms of life is central to creative living. Not only must we see what is going on around us, we must also feel the life pulsing within everything on the planet — the trees, the waters, the animals and insects, the soil, the air… Without an enlivened kinship with the natural world, we will try to manipulate and fix what we think is out of balance, further disrupting the self-healing, transformative process evolving in the earth. Change is needed — there is no question about that, yet change driven by fear and disconnected from Life’s Way is short-sighted and destructive.

Returning to the Way of Creation

I recently consulted the I Ching for insights about the Living Creatively kit and got the ‘Returning’ hexagram. It beautifully describes the kit’s mandate: “Retrace your path, return to the source, re-establish what is important, restore the Way.”

There are three distinct elements to Returning. First is the essential requirement to look back, to review, reclaim and restore what has been lost or forgotten before moving forward.

The second vital element is to nurture and protect vulnerable new growth by creating sacred space within and around us. This requires simplicity rather than artificial complexity, a surrendered trust of Life’s wisdom during gestation cycles.

The third aspect of ‘returning’ is through a spirit of greeting and welcome. From this perspective, returning involves a deeply receptive listening and loving that welcomes everything that is rightly attracted to us while also drawing forth beauty and wholeness from everything and everyone we encounter.

Definitions for the Three Flower Essences in the kit:

The Articulation essence prompts us to bring our light out into the world rather than hiding it under a bushel. Restoring a confident generosity to all our forms of expression, the essence honours the wisdom of our hearts while encouraging our truth and beauty to pour through us in creative artistry and simple acts of daily life. Letting the power of love move through us, our words act as quiet healers, gently penetrating and transforming all we touch. Listening with a focused heart, we are able to draw forth wisdom and truth from others. The Articulation essence roots us firmly in our earthiness, helping us fully savor every aspect of Life’s sacred web.

Light Body

The Light Body essence supports the rhythmic pulsations of light-energy throughout our body. By softening the constricted areas in our bodies, minds, and emotions, the essence encourages us to open to our full potential. When stress and fear make us shrink and lose our grounding, the Light Body essence helps natural radiance fill our cells. We experience the fullness of our light body as a sense of deep rooted presence with a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. The essence helps us bring our light into the world in a balanced, natural way.

The Relationship essence helps us form a vibrant kinship with all forms of life on earth. By dissolving the artificial walls that separate us from Nature, the essence helps us feel the universality of the life-force animating our bodies and pulsing in the earth. In the midst of global distress, the Relationship essence encourages compassionate empathy for all creatures and eco-systems as well as our fellow human beings. Nurturing the elements in our world that we are naturally drawn to, we joyfully play our co-creative role in the planet’s evolutionary process, restoring beauty and harmony to our Home.

To purchase the kit, click here for the link to Raven Essences’ on-line store. Each Raven Essence kit is like a mini-workshop in a box. The Living Creatively kit includes the three essences and a 6-page booklet with meditative procedures for working with the essences over time.

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