Flower Essences

A Short Primer on Flower Essences
For a deeper look at the philosophy behind the Raven Essences, view the silent slideshow A Love Affair with Nature.”

A brief definition of flower essences

What are essences?
Flower essences are liquid extracts made with the vital life force of plants. The vibrational energy of the plant is preserved in brandy and water and taken orally, 2 – 3 drops at a time. Flower essences are often used by holistic practitioners in conjunction with other healing modalities as an effective energy-medicine that laypeople can safely self-administer. They are also used with children and animals without concern for side-effects. Each flower essence comes with a definition, intuitively discerned by the producer, that helps to generate a heart-resonance with nature as part of the restorative healing elements of this vibrational product.

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How they are made

How flower essences are made
On the physical level, making a flower essence is very simple. When plants are in full bloom, flower petals are placed in a bowl of pure water and placed in the sun. Water retains the memory of whatever it is exposed to; the plant’s energy-code is transferred into the water, as the sun’s energy fuses the particular vibrational imprint. After several hours, the ‘imprinted’ water is preserved with brandy as the ‘mother tincture’ which is diluted into solution bottles for sale. Essences can only be diluted one more time into dosage-bottles for, unlike homeopathic remedies, flower essences do not increase their potency when they are diluted.

On another level, there is an alchemical ‘art’ to creating essences that involves a deep communion with Nature and a well-developed intuition to ‘hear’ and articulate the particular properties of each plant. From my perspective, the entire process is highly subjective, engaging the consciousness of the producer as an essential part of the process. Each producer brings their unique soul-blueprint and approach into the creative process, thereby directly influencing the subtle frequencies of their system.

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How to use flower essences

How to work with essences on a daily basis
A general application is to orally take 2-3 drops once or twice a day for several weeks, unless otherwise prescribed by a practitioner. If you are sensitive to alcohol, the essences can be applied topically or, upon special request, cider vinegar can be substituted as a preservative.

When taking an essence, it is helpful to make a quiet time to breathe and be present to the subtle shifts that occur. For highly effective and creative ways to enhance the subtle frequencies of the essences, read on…

How they work on the body and soul

Flower essences as body-soul medicine
Essences work with the body’s electrical system which connects our bodies with our souls and serves as our first-line defense during times of major stress, personal or environmental pressures, or the dynamic challenges of personal growth. Flower essences have a subtle effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels in a gentle, comprehensive fashion. In the 1500′s Paracelsus encouraged his patients to drink the morning dew (nature’s rudimentary essence) to balance emotional states. In the 1930’s an English physician, Edward Bach, developed our current method for producing essences. His belief was that Nature had a corresponding cure for every ailment known to man. Inspired by his work, hundreds of essence producers have now developed his initial work into many unique systems. While little scientific research has been done with subtle energies of flower essences, there is extensive anecdotal feedback about their healing properties. Though I have worked with flower essences for over twenty years, my respect for how they ‘heal’ and support us remains, at least to me, one of life’s fascinating mysteries. Read more about this in Flower Essences — A Winding Path to Wholeness.

What makes Raven Essences unique

Beyond the remarkable story of the origin of the essences and why I call them ‘Raven’, (click here), there are four elements that make Raven Essences unique.

First, each essence is created with sound as a powerful energy-complement to the flowers. This was an intuitively-guided insight that I followed when making the first essence in 1995. “Bring yourself to this process…” was the pointed suggestion. I was trying to follow the approach of others and as my work at that time was as a musician, I found various ways to include simple sounds in the creation process. For more about the relationship between essences and sound, see the blog, My Unusual Musical History.

The language of the definitions is full of metaphor and poetry. Instead of a more traditional psychological approach, I sought to convey the inherently poetic nature of the plants as I listened, in deep communion, to the plants in my garden. A distinct body-resonance guided me, almost as though I was being dictated to by the flowers. When I tried to assert my own intention or resist the sometimes surprising words I heard, the communication flow would immediate cease!

The twenty essence kits are based on specific themes that were inspired by meditative listening, world events, and issues or concerns brought to me by colleagues and clients. Working with a kit over a cycle of time offers tremendous psycho-spiritual support for an in-depth, self-facilitated journey into life’s mysteries.

Finally, with more than 350 essences, the entire system serves as a comprehensive divinatory system. Many people enjoy using the manual for daily wisdom-tips, without necessarily using the essences!

How to select your Raven Essences

How to select your Raven Essences
There are many ways to select appropriate flower essences. Utterly safe to use, you cannot make a ‘mistake’ in choosing flower essences; a poor choice will will simply be rather ineffectual rather than creating adverse side-effects. To achieve the best results in working with essences, it is helpful to work with a skilled holistic practitioner who can help you identify the patterns you are seeking to shift. Flower essences can provide invaluable support when we are making major shifts in our lives, and it is during these times that our perspective may be limited. While a comprehensive index in the manual and all the definitions in the on-line store offer a more left-brain approach to selecting essences, I highly recommend a more intuitive approach such as muscle-testing, the use of a pendulum, or deep resonant listening to your body’s wisdom. These approaches tend to engage a deeper layer of your healing story and engage you in delightful moments of unexpected synchronicity. For more information about Flower Essence Selection Consultations, click here.