Divinatory Applications for Essence Definitions

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In my role as flower essence producer, I am continuously delighted at the different ways the Raven Essences support and inspire people on their life-journeys. Not only do the essences assist with a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, the three-hundred essences also serve as as a remarkably refined resource for divinatory insights. When I initially created the essences, I had no idea that this dual function, a healing product and an earth-based divinatory system, would become the mature expression of the Raven Essence system.



The definitions in the Raven Essence Manual, A Love Affair with Nature, are a distillation of many hours of sacred, meditative work. Conveying some of my most intimate encounters with Nature, these writings are a bridge into the heart of Nature’s wisdom.

Used as a complex divinatory system, the definitions are very helpful in prompting subtle shifts of consciousness. They resonate with parts of our body-soul that we may not feel or acknowledge in the busyness of our daily lives. Holistic practitioners who work with the essences in conjunction with other healing modalities frequently report that simply reading the definition to their clients creates tremendous ‘ah-ha’ moments. They then discern whether clients need to work with the actual essence as a daily ritual for ongoing support.

How to Use the Raven Essence System for Divination

Using some form of intuitive testing (pendulum or muscle-testing) you can find the definitions for the following processes by testing through the list of essences. A PDF version of the Manual is available in the on-line store for $7.50. You may choose to only print the Table of Contents which you can use this for testing, then locate the essence definition in the on-line store where all 300 essences are published.

To access the definitions in the on-line store, (once you have purchased and downloaded the PDF of the Table of Contents) click on the lists of Single Flowers or the Raven Essence Kits in the on-line store. To streamline your testing, initially test by whole pages rather than single essences (“is the information on page 1, 2, 3, etc.”) then narrow your selection by testing by letter for the single essences or by each kit until you find the precise essence. (Entering the essence in the ‘Search Keyword’ function of the on-line store is not always the best way to locate an essence because a single essence may be included in several different combinations.)

Once you have located and read the essence definitions, take some time to journal about what resonated with you. This is your healing ‘prompt’ from Nature! Then test whether the information alone was sufficient to create a shift in consciousness or whether it would be in your highest interest to purchase the essence and work with it for a period of time.

Six Divinatory Process to address different life-issues. Test whether you may need one or two essences to address each question:

Daily Wisdom Tip:
What wisdom do I need today, to move through my life with ease and balance?

Basic Three-Part Divinatory Process:
These questions offer general guidance to help when you are going through any transition.
Where am I?
Where am I going?
What wisdom do I need now?

(I use this 3-part process as the basis for my free 20-minute introductory readings, A Moment with Your Inner Gold. If you have not experienced this reading, please feel free to contact me by email to arrange an appointment time at info@ravenessences.com)

For Insights on Relationships:
Three useful questions to gain perspective and clarity in any relationship.
What am I to see about myself within the context of this relationship at this time?
What am I to see about the overall circumstances?
How am I to conduct myself in the situation?

For Insights on Physical Health:
To expand your dialogue with your body and enable you to hear the underlying story of bodily symptoms, focus upon the area of your body that is in distress for these three questions:
What do I need to be aware of at the physical level?
What is holding me back or blocking my energy?
How is my soul seeking to guide me?
When you have a sense of what is going on beneath the symptoms, test again for whether you need an actual essence to assist your body or whether the information alone is sufficient.

For Insights on Financial Affairs:
Our financial climate is highly responsive to our inner state. Bringing awareness to our financial life through deep listening and intuitive insights allows us to position ourselves in a more responsive way to the flow of life-energy, rather than reacting from habitual patterning of fear, worry, or greed.
What is the current state of affairs relative to my finances?
What inner resources do I need to call upon now?
What possibilities should I be open to?
How am I to interface with the world with respect to my finances? 

For Insights on your experience within a particular Environment:
These questions are designed to offer insights and clarity about your experience in different environments. Be specific about the environment you are considering, whether this is your work environment, home-life, social group, political arena, or your personal relationship with the ecology.
What do I need to aware of in myself that is influencing my environment?
What do I need to be aware of in my environment that may be impacting upon me?

How might I adjust myself and/or my environment to be more effective and harmonious?

To access the definitions in the on-line store, you can first download the free PDF of the Table of Contents, then go to the lists of Single Flowers or Raven Essence Kits in the on-line store. To streamline your testing, ask if what you need is on each page, then narrow the selection (to the letters of the single essences or the specific kit) until you find the precise essence. Test whether it would be in your highest interest to purchase the essence and work with it for a period of time, or whether the information alone was sufficient to create a shift in consciousness.

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