Creative Ways to Work with Flower Essences

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Flower essences invite us to actively participate in a healing process. While most drugs work on us without any need for conscious change, flower essences are much more effective when we play an active role. Working with the living intelligence in the essences, we become much more engaged in the subtle shifts in our hearts, minds, and bodies.

Used as part of our self-care or meditative practice, the ritual of taking a flower essence can be a powerful time for centring and reflective listening. Here are some other creative ways to engage with your essences.




In our busy lives, we are rarely still. Taking a few minutes to be quiet and centred while taking your essence can be a gift to yourself on many levels. It also makes a profound difference to how the energy of the essence is received in your system. Sitting in a comfortable, quiet location, take a few drops of the essence, shut your eyes, and focus on your breath. Let the sacred energy of nature move in your body and inform your body-soul. When your meditation feels complete, move slowly back into your everyday world.


Journaling :

Spiritual/meditative practices recommend the self-reflective exercise of journaling. As we write our dreams, rant or reflect, our thoughts and feelings gradually clarify. Taking your essence before the journaling process helps the flow of ideas and energies to move at greater depth. If journaling is new to you, allow yourself to jot down your feelings without editing! Writing in this uncensored way honours the uniqueness of your process. Do not dismiss what might seem outlandish at the moment; it may be a seed of inspiration for a completely new direction.

Working with the essences brings in the wisdom of nature directly into your body-soul. You may be amazed at what comes through your writings, so review your journal periodically for the insights that may be ‘working’ you.




Movement is one of the most powerful ways to embody our soul. By allowing our bodies to move in natural, spontaneous ways, we access the wisdom of our animal natures. For some people, meditative movement can be more powerful than quiet contemplation. Working with essences and movement invites a deep body-soul integration.

To explore this, create a safe and private space. Take the essence, soften your gaze and enter your body through your breath. Gradually let your body move in whatever way feels natural. Rather than thinking of ‘dance’ or ‘exercise’, let the energy rise from deep in your body, and follow the smallest impulse into movement.

Start small, a wrist or turn of the neck, and keep following. Pause when you feel a natural completion, and observe the quiet movement continuing inside your body. Though spontaneous movement may feel initially awkward, once you begin to explore the sensory dimension of your body, the experience can be powerful and deeply satisfying.



Listening and Observing Messages in your Daily Life:

Many people report frequent experiences of synchronicity during their use of flower essences. Where they may have ignored or dismissed these events before, gradually they feel the world ‘speaking’ to them in meaningful ways. Synchronous events are ongoing evidence of the oneness of life. As our bodies and souls unify through the support of the essences, we develop a greater connection with the natural world. As you work with your essences, pay attention to the events and signs around you. When you create a specific intent, you are emitting a powerful laser-beam request to the universe. You will receive multi-dimensional responses to your intention, and they can come from any direction! You may hear meaningful words in a radio-song, or gather clues in casual conversations. You might see a hidden message on a billboard or have a significant encounter with a wild animal.

Dreams always give us most relevant, though enigmatic, messages. Be open to receive messages in places you wouldn’t normally expect information — on a subway, driving the car, waiting in a grocery check-out. While the messages may be random and inexplicable, if you are faithful in noticing and receiving the clues, you will eventually feel as sense of being specifically and lovingly supported.



Sound, Chant and Prayer:

As energetic beings, we are hard-wired to respond to the frequencies of sacred sound in formal settings or the natural world. As infants reaching for the sound of our mother’s voice, our entire body functions as an intensely tuned ear.

All the Raven Essences have been created with sound, therefore utilising some form of sound-making activates another level of potential in these essences.

You may enjoy humming softly when you take an essence, letting the sound resonate throughout your body. Chanting or spontaneously sounding is a marvellous way to balance and ground your energy as well as intensifying the effects of the essence. I recommend mothers sing a simple lullaby to their young children when they offer them an essence before bedtime.

Research with a biofeedback machine indicated dramatic spikes of energy in traumatised areas of the body when I sounded with the essences.

Prayer is also a powerful healing tool and combined with essences, helps to ground the flow of spiritual energy throughout the body. With a sense of sacredness moving through the words, prayer can be a simple affirmation or a formal text such as the Lord’s Prayer.

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