Creating a New Earth — A Vision of Hope

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wheat and sun

Each year since 1998, I create a flower essence combination to support us in consciously coordinating with the universal energies of the new cycle. These Annual Essences have been remarkably prophetic in articulating our co-creative role and responsibilities as the cosmic forces at work on this planet evolve, year by year. This is the definition for the New Year 2016 essence, now available for purchase. (A meditative slideshow illustrating the definition will be published on Youtube closer in early December.)




Rising with the power of the sacred feminine, the new earth emerges from the quiet depths of our body-soul as living wisdom rooted in the Soul of the World.

The new earth surges within us as a great and gentle intensity, seeking expression as light emanating from within.


pink waterlily

In nature, a flower is a form of priestess. Resting in the still point, her task is simply to be herself and reveal her beauty as everything moves around her. This is how we participate in creating a new earth — by honouring the irresistible urge to simply be ourselves. Gently surrendering into our rootedness, we draw upon the rivers of life and let them flow through us, regardless of the storms.

As we do this, we become a flame of dancing light, our warmth and presence brightening everything. With clarity, we discern what is no longer needed and it go without regret or fear. As light, we choose to carry only what is precious and essential.

While many aspects of our world may still be caught in a mechanistic approach, striving and driven while disconnected from Life, we can choose to follow the fluid wisdom-ways of water. Water flows without concern for its final destination, delighted to become a marsh, a lake, or a great river flowing into the sea.





Through each conscious breath, the new earth forms within and around us through the soil of our vulnerabilities and our visions. Never pre-determined, this living blueprint is a gift. Full of hope and nurtured by the power of love, the new earth opens a pathway to the freedom and fulfillment of all Creation.


Four Questions to Ponder in 2016

 How do I maintain my presence in the still point

in the midst of great change?

How do I find the balance between creative activity

and peaceful stillness? 

How do I find inner freedom in my aloneness

and quiet presence with others?

How do I let go what I know and open

to what is emerging now?


A Message to Humanity from Gaia as we enter 2016 (from Gaia’s Invitation, 120 poems from the Sacred Earth.)

11096431_10153158641932716_502136846657524947_nTo taste my sweetest honey,

pause in this moment’s stillness

for nectar takes time to flow.

If you snatch at pleasure

you will always be hungry.

Befriend stillness and

pleasure will come seeking you.

Click here to view the 7.5 minute Slideshow for the New Year 2016 Essence

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