Intuitive Soul Witnessing

Intuitive Soul Witnessing
As a creative intuitive, I am dedicated to listening to Nature’s way for guidance in every aspect of my life, including my work with clients. Though people often seek a consultation when something is aching or stuck, my focus is to witness and unearth what is already strong and true, and to sense how the creative life-energy wants to move within you and through your life.

Trusting my grounded heart-wisdom, I often start the session intuiting an energy-image, then explore, with metaphors, the direction(s) this leads. I tend to address my clients’ needs from an oblique rather than literal perspective and sometimes a good question helps to stimulate deeper understanding.

Each session, in-person or long-distance, can be recorded. For more information about the different types of consultations, click here.

Emergency Trauma Solutions

Emergency Trauma Solutions
Emergency Trauma Solutions are complex combinations, individually created as antidotes for for the specific ways you experience stress in your life. Each of us responds to life-challenges differently. A cocktail party may be a delight for one person and a nightmare for another; stress-relief for an extravert is rightly quite different than for an introvert.
Created from the full repertoire of essences, the process of creating an Emergency Trauma Solution begins with a half-hour consultation. The ETS package includes 3 bottles (two dosages bottles and one for refilling), the essence definitions, and a detailed interpretation. The essence provides a subtle tool for consciously shifting habitual stress-responses while the interpretation, based on the information in the selected essences, offers insights into underlying causes and creative ways to approach stress. Cost for the total package, including the consultation: $130. Click here to learn more.

Flower Essence Selection Process

Selecting Flower Essences
I sometimes encourage people on a soulful healing journey to work with a personal kit of flower essences. Many people appreciate assistance in choosing their essences; I offer a half-hour telephone consultation to identify the issues, challenges, and opportunities for growth before intuitively selecting the essences. A personal kit (typically 4 – 8 essences) will support you for one-two years. The $50 cost for consultation does not include the essences.
Some people prefer to self-select their essences by dowsing with a pendulum or muscle-testing from the on-line store. Both approaches work, though I always enjoy meeting the interesting people attracted to the Raven Essences!

Practitioner Soul Witnessing

Witnessing Practitioners and the Soul of their Practice
I offer a free half-hour consultation to holistic practitioners with an established clientele. In the session, I intuitively witness your personal energy-field, and then look at the larger field of your practice. After testing for the essences to support both you and your clients, I offer insights about how the selected essences mirror your life-journey, and how they support the growth of your practice. This personalized approach allows me to develop a vibrant rapport with practitioners attracted to the Raven Essences.

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