Communing with the Soul of the World — The Importance of Reciprocity

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Excerpted from July 2014 Newsletter:

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about our connection with Nature’s heart and soul. For many years, I’ve been aware of a subtle threshold, like a shimmering veil, that I’ve deliberately penetrated, over and over again, to explore Nature’s mysteries. It always takes a focused intention to cross this threshold and engage with the living wisdom of the natural world.

In workshops or retreats, I frequently invite people to focus on a heart issue, then go out into the garden with this simple directive: “Let your body guide you to whatever is calling you — a flower, a stone, some water, a tree. When you ‘arrive’ at the place (your body will resonate) slow down, observe closely, open your heart, and let Nature ‘speak’ to your issue.”

When they return, I am always delighted and amazed by the highly specific wisdom that each person receives. Never cliched or predictable, each message contains a quality of loving intimacy, to hold and honour as a gift from Nature. It is my privilege to witness and affirm their experience.

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Whenever we cross this threshold, step out of our busy lives and into the quiet pulsations of the natural world for inspiration or guidance, we are always met with Nature’s supreme generosity. However, we may not notice how our receptive presence and open-hearted listening also nourishes the inner life of the natural world.

Compelled by the importance of reciprocal nourishment, I find myself drawn ever more deeply into Gaia’s mysteries. I know, in my bones, that we can no longer continue to simply take what we need and want from Nature, even when we offer our compassion and respect. Partly the issue is that we have forgotten how much we have to offer Nature’s heart and how essential we are to the entire fabric of Life.

Meanwhile, I am writing a new book… An excerpt from Earth-Light explores the theme of reciprocity with Nature.

Every living thing longs to be met heart-to-heart. Part of our human dilemma in these times is that we have over-invested our attention onto the busy demands of our self-made world, insulating ourselves from Gaia’s many non-human ‘voices’ that yearn to communicate with us.

Plants and animals have an abundance of earth-wisdom that we no longer feel we need because scientific information satisfies our desire for knowledge about how the natural world functions. However, knowing ‘about’ is never as intimate or satisfying as a direct experience. Solely ‘knowing about’ keeps us separate and small.

As we persist in open-hearted attentiveness, we invite the Great Mystery to whisper directly into our hearts through the flowers, trees, birds or wild animals that have called us to them…

May you have a blessed summer, communing in all the delicious ways that are natural to you!


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