Raven Essence Project

Working with Nature to Develop a Living System

By on March 15, 2017 / 9 Comments

How the Raven Essence Project Developed Raven Essences was built on the rather unusual premise that the business is alive! As a creative intuitive, I’ve always chosen to be self-employed, first as a music teacher and later as a flower essence producer. Now I have a many-layered business that feels like a constantly opening lotus. …

Living Systems, Part II: Conscious Surrendering

By on March 01, 2017 / 11 Comments

Recently I’ve realised that creating a living system is only the first stage in a much longer process. (A previous blog explores my approach to Working with Nature to Develop a Living System.) The initial phase of any creative venture can be both exciting and demanding. Writing a book, building a business, creating a garden …

Nature Divination — Reclaiming a Forgotten Language

By on October 10, 2015 / Leave a comment

  We seek wisdom and advice from many sources — the internet, books, conversations and lectures. Some of us use divinatory resources — tarot cards, runes, the I Ching, tea-leaves, bones or the movement of planets to reference what is shifting in our psyches and our lives. With these various ways of knowing, I’ve found myself returning to …

Divinatory Applications for Essence Definitions

By on August 02, 2014 / Leave a comment

In my role as flower essence producer, I am continuously delighted at the different ways the Raven Essences support and inspire people on their life-journeys. Not only do the essences assist with a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, the three-hundred essences also serve as as a remarkably refined resource for divinatory …

Flower Essences, Musical Vibrations, DNA, and the Sacred Feminine

By on February 05, 2013 / Leave a comment

In preparation for my presentation Restoring the Feminine — Nature’s Forgotten Frequencies in Richmond Hill on February 6th, I’m gathering some video resources related to nature, flower essences, sound, and vibrational healing as expressions of the sacred feminine. I thought others may enjoy this interesting data…   Masuro Emoto’s work with photographing frozen water crystals …

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