Flower Essences

Living Creatively in Dramatically Changing Times

By on March 15, 2017 / Leave a comment

This blog includes excerpts from the booklet for the Living Creatively Kit. In recent divinatory consultations, the three essences in this kit came up over and over again, prompting me to update the essences and information and to republish the kit. The energies in this 3-essence kit seem pivotal to what is occurring at this highly …

Creating a New Earth — A Vision of Hope

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Each year since 1998, I create a flower essence combination to support us in consciously coordinating with the universal energies of the new cycle. These Annual Essences have been remarkably prophetic in articulating our co-creative role and responsibilities as the cosmic forces at work on this planet evolve, year by year. This is the definition …

Divinatory Applications for Essence Definitions

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In my role as flower essence producer, I am continuously delighted at the different ways the Raven Essences support and inspire people on their life-journeys. Not only do the essences assist with a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, the three-hundred essences also serve as as a remarkably refined resource for divinatory …

Embracing Destiny’s Joy

By on February 11, 2011 / 2 Comments

  Joy lives at the heart of creation, its impulse destined to beauty… When we are touched by joy, a burst of radiance fill our bodies and we are flushed with the goodness and wonder of life. Joy’s many-hued frequencies mark us with the blueprint of our destiny. What we love — the people, places, …

When it comes to Nature, English is a very Patriarchal Language

By on December 09, 2010 / 8 Comments

Language shapes consciousness. This awareness is critical when we ponder the fate of our beautiful, aching planet. In our culture, we tend to talk a lot ‘about’ Nature, but rarely do we commune directly with Her. I speculate, with some passion, that this way of relating has a profound effect upon Gaia, the spirit of …

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