Consultation Stories

Cultivating My Natural Way — In-depth Intuitive Consultations

By on March 27, 2013 / Leave a comment

If you are about to experience your first in-depth Raven Essence Consultation… you may appreciate knowing a little about the framework of an intuitive session. Though each session is unique, over time I have developed an approach that allows me to work in depth on the issues and concerns you bring, to offer practical insights …

Raven Essence Consultations – the Premise

By on February 06, 2010 / Leave a comment

As a creative intuitive trained through many years of gardening, I tend to observe people the way I do plants. I have developed an ability to see each person as the unique ‘seed.’  Witnessing how this essential part of the person grows, I listen for what best supports them and what might be causing interference. …

Embodied Intuition — Learning to Trust

By on September 16, 2009 / Leave a comment

It is my belief that a healthy, embodied intuitive capacity is essential to navigating effectively through these dramatically challenging times, not just to avoid discomfort and life-challenges, but to be fully present to everything that is transpiring at this time, and to birth the sacred, healing energies emerging within each of us. In the past, …

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