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A Dedication to the Earth & A New Vision

By on November 27, 2010 / 13 Comments

  For over a year, I’ve been doing some very private meditative research combining visioning and essential sounding. I am very quiet about this work for I am slowly gathering confidence in the visions and shifts I observe. However, something occurred in a recent meditation that feels important to share. Here’s what happened… I begin …

Our Relationship with Nature — who takes the lead?

By on May 04, 2010 / Leave a comment

A client recently asked me for a consultation to help her strengthen her relationship with the plant spirits in her garden. She already has a well-developed kinship with her land, yet she wondered if she was truly in-tune when she consulted the cedar trees in her hedge. She wanted to take down a few trees, …

Creating Temenos — Sacred Space in a Garden

By on March 14, 2010 / 1 Comment

I offered my first garden consultation of the season and remembered why I love this work so much. Tuning in on the spirit of my client’s garden, I felt like Cupid, helping her fall in love with her landscape in a new, exciting way. I asked my client if she would allow me to share …

Deepening our Relationship with Nature

By on February 16, 2010 / Leave a comment

Part 1: Gardens as Mirrors For a long time, I speculated about whether our gardens reveal our body-souls. While this premise may not apply if we are renting property or if a landscaper has designed our backyard, in my own garden, I’ve been increasingly aware of the correlation between my energy field and the garden. …

Listening to the Spirit of your Garden

By on February 16, 2010 / Leave a comment

This simple exercise is a way to renew your appreciation and connection with Nature through your garden. Though it is designed to be done in the autumn at the end of the gardening season, you can do this any time of year. Walk very slowly through your yard, observing the details and appreciating all the …

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