About Andrea

Since 1995,
I have been passionately consumed in developing the Raven Essence project. To my surprise and delight, my intuitive work has unearthed a living philosophy that, over the past years, continues to evolve as I grow and change.

Prior to my work with the essences, I performed and taught for many years as a classically trained pianist. When I began making flower essences in 1995, my innate intuitive abilities began to blossom. Listening to the ‘inaudible’ music of nature, I found ways to articulate the energies of the different plants through words.  Developing this deep communion with my garden was soul-making work, dropping me deep into Nature’s mysteries.

The RAVEN ESSENCE Project is deeply rooted in the themes of my A. with froglife. (The story about the unusual origins of the project and why I call them Raven Essences.) While I was teaching music lessons and raising my two sons, gardening was my quiet time to go to ground and create beauty. When a friend introduced me to Machaelle Small Wright’s Perelandra essences, my curiosity was sparked. I resonated with her approach to honouring the diverse spirits within the natural world.

Learning to trust spirit within nature turned my world on its head, making me review all my spiritual beliefs. Exploring new ways to connect with Life, I eventually became a flower essence producer, practitioner and intuitive counsellor. For many years, I enjoyed creating courses and workshops for people wishing to develop their intuition and deepen their sacred connection to the earth. Twenty years of soulfully building the garden and renovating the heritage house created tranquil oasis in a busy suburban community.
A. with hostas, reduced 2Throughout this time, even though I had stopped teaching music and rarely played the piano, I kept dreaming about musicians, strange instruments, and performances in unusual settings. Music kept calling me… In 2011, I birthed an original healing practice called Love Songs, Tuning the Body-Soul.

The Raven Essence Project integrates the sacred feminine, ways of communing with Source through deep listening to body, soul and Nature, the healing power of sound, with 350 flower essences that also serve as an earth-based divinatory system. Along with many writings, these creative endeavors are some of the ways I commit to Restoring Nature’s Forgotten Frequencies.

In 2017, I moved to Port Hope, an hour east of Toronto, and have been settling into a new phase of my life. The threads of the past work with Nature through the Raven Essence Project is evolving in new forms. To learn more about my current work and offerings, a new website, www.andreamathieson.com will be live in February 2019.

Sources of Inspiration: While my life has been enriched by many wonderful people, four women have played major roles in my conscious evolution. Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst, creator of BodySoul Rhythms, and author of many books including Conscious Femininity and The Pregnant Virgin; Paula Reeves, wise-woman and author of Heart-Sense, and Women’s Intuition, Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body; Jalaja Bonheim, founder of Circlework Institute and author of Aphrodite’s Daughters and The Hunger for Ecstasy; and Elinor Dickson, wise friend and co-author (with Marion Woodman) of Dancing in the Flames.

Meanwhile, my garden has been my most patient, loving teacher. On my knees, I studied and retrieved the ancient wisdom, with my hands deep in the earth.

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