A Dedication to the Earth & A New Vision

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For over a year, I’ve been doing some very private meditative research combining visioning and essential sounding. I am very quiet about this work for I am slowly gathering confidence in the visions and shifts I observe.

However, something occurred in a recent meditation that feels important to share.

Here’s what happened…

I begin each session by centring and grounding my energy, tuning into my heart, and connecting with my guides before I ask, “What am I to see today?”



This morning I was guided to look at the full set of 300 Raven Essences. In my imagination, I saw them lined up, vibrating like a youthful army — alert, on attention, and ready to be deployed.

Then I intuitively asked what sound was needed to let this initial vision evolve. It was the crystal bowl, which I played as a homoeopathic application of sound for several minutes before looking again.

Shimmering waves of energies now streamed above and below the bottles, much more fluid and expansive than in the first vision.

Next was my snake rattle, which I gently shook, creating a snake-like hissing sound.



When I looked again at the essences, I was shocked! The cylindrical bottles had morphed into round containers, like mini perfume bottles. I had not expected this at all…

Then I made a very low chant with rich, dark undertones which often stimulates a visceral resonance with deep earth-energies.

The final scan came in the form of a message rather than an image. I was deeply moved.



Here is the message:

Through this vision-sound process, an essential threshold has been crossed.

The Raven Essences are no longer part of my personal creative matrix. They now serve the Earth — not my creative will.

Dedicated to the Earth, the essences now live where they can best serve — within the womb of the Great Mother.

Several days later, this experience was followed by another equally powerful meditation.

Ever since I began making flower essences, I’ve been living with the question, “How do they really work? What is their healing potential?”

With mostly anecdotal information and very little scientific research, there is no simple answer to these questions. In my own practice, I stopped a long time ago expecting them to work in traditional allopathic ways. They simply don’t follow prescriptive expectations. If someone has persistent headaches, it rarely works to give him or her my ‘migraine’ combination. Working intuitively, I’ve adopted a much more nuanced approach. An open mind and listening heart provide insights and shifts that I can rarely anticipate.



My morning meditation began as usual with calling in my guides. However, everything began to shift and I became unexpectedly emotional as I was shown an extraordinary vision. Cloaked with the love of my guides, I was acknowledged as ‘Daughter of the Earth‘. It felt like a form of baptism. In the vision, my flesh was almost transparent while my guides were in clear relief — owl on my left shoulder, raven over my heart, heron behind my head, the plant kingdom pulsing in my root chakra, snake in my right hand, Talulah Raven, my dwarf daughter, at my side, my ancestors standing in pairs behind me. Two powerful guides, Sheenanowah and Iliadne, appeared as a pillar of light throughout my torso and a shield at my kidneys while Sophia, goddess of wisdom, lovingly surrounded the entire tableau.

Stunned and humbled by the beautiful vision, I wept with gratitude at the abundance of love in and around me.

After a little time, I collected myself and looked again… and this was when I understood how the essences work!



I was in a chrysalis or egg that was filled with amniotic-like fluid, the liquid crystal energy of the essences. Utterly protective and nurturing, I saw the essences were strengthening and stabilizing my powerful vision. This new perception of my soul, recognized by my broken-open heart, was immediately enveloped by the energy of the essences.

With the swiftness of deep intuitive knowing, I realized I was being shown the role of the essences to support and surround the chrysalis phase of our complete body-soul transformation. In this way, they serve the process of metamorphosis, easing both the dissolution of the old reality and the emergence of the new.

With this awareness came the message, “This is your work for the next five years — to work with them with this understanding, and to articulate the vision for others.”

As I share this with you, I wonder.As this transformation occurs with a swift, yet lovingly choreographed intensity in my life,  I suspect it is also happening in different ways with many other people. Is this true?



  1. Lovely, powerful images and insights… to share. This thoroughly resonates with me.

    Recently, I have been drawn to work with my breath… closely connected with sound… the impulse is to get back to natural breathing rather than what we call ‘normal’ breathing. I’m told this will facilitate clearing the emotional blocks to getting more deeply in touch with my inner self. I have been guided to fill a sphere around me with my breath, breathing through happiness, and liking myself. This will form a bubble of protection that will enable me to walk through the seams of the shift without getting stuck in the mud.

    Blessings, and keep on sharing!
    Valerie Joy

  2. What a stunning vision. It resonates with truth about the purpose of the Raven Essences. This is certainly how I have experienced them in working with them.

    I can affirm from my end that yes, the choreography of transformation is intensifying!

    Thank you for sharing this precious vision, Andrea.

    • Thank you, Maria, for your generous comment. Perhaps you knew the purpose of the essences long before I recognized them myself!

  3. Though I usually prefer a quieter path to comment on what passes between us, Andrea, I am compelled to respond here.


    • womb
    • fine material
    • a mass of fine-grained rock in which gems, crystals, or fossils are embedded
    • an organizational structure in which two or more lines of command, responsibility, or communication may run through the same individual
    • a grid-like array of elements
    • a lattice
    • a mould in which something is cast or shaped
    • an environment in which something develops

    At every level, in every facet, you have achieved such absolute coherence in your work as I never before beheld in anyone of my acquaintance. This powerfully dynamic octet, your soul’s own checklist, provides each of us with entry points for action on behalf of our shared global soul.

  4. I’m deeply moved by your experience and how you have shared it here. And … yes! I am also experiencing soul-deep alchemy in my life. Swift, loving, intense. These words perfectly capture what I am feeling and living.

    • Thank you, Tracie, and I know that your own work as an earth-alchemist is yielding similar insights and experiences. It is wonderful to affirm each other… Andrea

  5. Thank you for sharing this vision. I was reminded of the following poem by Kim Rosen: It’s called In Impossible Darkness

    Do you know how
    the caterpillar

    Do you remember
    what happens
    inside a cocoon?

    You liquefy.

    There in the thick black
    of your self-spun womb,
    void as the moon before waxing,

    you melt

    (as Christ did
    for three days
    in the tomb)

    in impossible darkness
    the sheer
    of wings.

    -Kim Rosen

    • Lovely… thank you for this Day. I didn’t know the poem. Andrea

    • Thank you… a wonderful poem, and one I didn’t know. Andrea

  6. Dearest Andrea, Thank you for sharing your generous heart. The idea of “entanglement theory” comes to mind. All of us who are connected share in each other’s growth and experience even though we might be seperated by great distance. Love Susan

    • You’re right, Susan… and this is one of the benefits of blog-conversations, and why I’m really enjoying this form of communication. We get a chance to reinforce the emerging forms of ‘knowing’ surfacing in ourselves and echoed by others all around the globe. How wonderful is that! Andrea

  7. Dear Daughter of the Earth

    I am reminded by your vision, of the transformative power of small shifts in our perception. Everything, even the long held traumatic forms, can turn on a dime when we open, see and surrender to the Matrix. Love and Earth’s Blessings, Eimear

    • Thank you, Eimear. Your wisdom adds another perspective re trauma and healing as related to our reconnection with earth-energies. Andrea

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