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Recently, I’ve been revisiting some of the many flower essence kits. Through this process, I’ve appreciated the timelessness of nature’s wisdom for though some of the kits were created many years ago, the themes are even more relevant now.

Each kit is a virtual mini-workshop in a box that can be used numerous times with different intentions. To highlight the unique attributes of several kits, I’ve found it highly creative to make short videos with evocative images and the story behind the creation of each kit. Each video is about six minutes long.

Athena_BouletThe Dream Quest Kit highlights thirteen archetypes including the Healer, the Communicator, the Storyteller, the Peacemaker, and even the Sacred Clown. 

The Peaceful Warrior Kit was created after September 11th; it is very appropriate now. 

The three essences in the Living Creatively Kit outline key elements we need to embody in this Millenium. 

The Rose Garden Kit supports the differentiated frequencies of Love experienced and expressed through each chakra. 

Many people find it very helpful to have some help choosing which essence(s) would best support them.

For the month of March (2017) I’m offering a free 20-minute intuitive consultation to help you select the kit that would best support you in the months ahead.

Click here to book your free kit-selection consultation or contact me by email at

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