Grey Heron Retreats





Private Retreats for Women

At crucial times in our lives,
we all need a safe space to shed an old skin
and give birth to the new.

A Grey Heron Retreat is an invitation to Come Home to yourself.

Located just minutes north of Toronto, Grey Heron is an extraordinary oasis. Within the beautifully restored heritage house and remarkable garden, Andrea facilitates a transformative time of rest, reflection and renewal. Each retreat is unique, specifically tailored to each woman’s needs at a particular time in her life. Women tend to use tremendous energy in caring for others, and a retreat is a time to care for oneself.

Retreats vary from one to three days. Each retreat includes private accommodation, home-cooked meals, and up to two hours of intuitive counseling per day. You have access to all the Raven flower essences, creative art supplies, and a variety of divinatory tools to augment your body-soul explorations.  A visit to a local spa is an option for 2 or 3-day retreats. 

Spring and summer retreats are particularly special for Grey Heron’s award-winning garden is the heart of the Raven Essence project. However, at any time of the year, the gracious setting invites a restorative experience.

 A body-map created by a participant in a three-day retreat and a spiral journey created by another woman illustrates some of the potential ‘play’ during a retreat.  A short slideshow of Grey Heron gives you some sense of the beauty of the space.

Cost: a 24-hour retreat is $350, two days and nights is $600, three days $825.

Self-Directed Retreats — Grey Heron’s Emergence Room

Recently the upstairs meditation room was converted into an artist-in-residence space. As many Raven Essences projects developed in that room since Grey Heron was purchased in 1996, there is a rich precedence for creative emergence. Guests are now welcomed to ‘labor’ on their own creative projects — a book that needs completing, an idea that has been gradually shaping, an artistic project that requires open-ended time and a nurturing space to emerge. An Emergence Room Retreat is entirely self-directed — you work in peace and quiet within Grey Heron’s nest while Andrea provide delicious meals and a peaceful surround.

Cost: $125 per day (includes 3 meals and accommodation); a day-long rental, from 9 — 4:30 p.m., includes lunch for $75. (If you would like an intuitive consultation during your visit, there is a separate fee.) To book a private retreat or reserve the Emergence Room, please email or call Andrea at 905-832-8245.


My personal 48 hour retreat with was all and more than I expected. Stepping into Andrea’s home took me immediately out of the hustle and bustle of my “doing” life and brought me gently to a place of “being” – connected with nature, serenity, a sense of well being, and myself. Andrea’s peaceful home, healing garden and delicious cooking put the finishing touches on a time that allowed me deep personal reflection, insight and journey work. I came with what I thought was a clear idea of what I wanted to explore during my “retreat.” I left with so much more. Andrea’s accurate intuitive ability, amazing healing plant essences, and unfailing instinct for using just the right technique or methodology for the moment, allowed me the confidence and security to experience life-altering insights.
B. Haskins, Lakeside Retreats, Beamsville, ON.

Andrea is a masterful teacher and guide, always sensing when to give space and when to instruct. She doesn’t go through the motions — she is with you step by step, glowing and basking in your becoming. Her home is sacred space; when you are not ‘working,’ you are enveloped with love and caring. S. Solomon, Richmond, Virginia

I arrived at Grey Heron stressed, spent, empty, with big questions about my life. I left three days later feeling more whole, renewed, and connected to inner purpose and direction. Grey Heron is a magical place where anything can happen… and it did. The retreat was an incredibly precious gift to myself. D. Kinsinger, Newmarket, Ont.

You coaxed me beyond my comfort zones… and something got resolved on a very deep level. Your sensitivity, profound experience and your deep willingness to facilitate these processes engendered the trust and confidence for me to let go and follow the stream of my own consciousness. I wrote quite a bit in my journal – prompted by the ‘soft animal of my body’ basking in the sunshine. Grey Haven is a special place for me.  I enjoyed being free to be in the space without feeling a guest or interloper.  I really felt welcome and at ease.  I appreciated the times between when you were attending to your business and I attended my solitude.  I slept peacefully and deeply in that hug of a room. M. Harding, Toronto