The Power of Images

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Images are very powerful; they shape the way we see and express ourselves. When the images we hold of ourselves are true, they reinforce our self-worth and creative expression. Meanwhile, negative images can sting like poisonous darts. If the people we love and respect fail to see who we are and they project their impressions upon us, we may doubt ourselves, stumble, and lose our way.

Whenever I do an intuitive consultation, I tune-in to get an image of the client. This image informs me about the essence of the situation, giving me valuable insights beyond our conversation.

Recently, I offered two hundred of my clients a thank-you gift in the form of a short intuitive consultation. In ten-minute sessions, I discerned the key image, articulated this and then described where the energy in the image wanted to go. Several people had deja-vu experiences when the image I saw was strikingly similar to a previous consultation.



One woman compared her notes from our first session over a year ago when I had seen a hammered metal breastplate over her chest. At the time, she acknowledged that she felt very defended much of the time, working in her job where she was constantly guarding her heart.

In her second scan, I saw a heavy, soft weight,  like a massive raindrop, resting on her chest. Like rain seeping into parched earth, this energy wanted to gently enter her body, moistening and softening her chest.

I did not remember the first image. Listening deeply, I am in a slightly altered state when I receive them. J. was delighted with this new image for it mirrored the major changes she recently made in her life. Choosing to retire early, she has made space in her life to follow her heart and pursue her creativity. She is ready to welcome the sweet rain of a new, undefended life.

To receive your own image, please contact me by email ( to arrange a telephone consultation.

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  1. Andrea’s image for me was a mature tree trunk with no connection to branches or roots, ready to explode from within! This was taken as a warning to maintain my emotions and reconnect, and take heart that this too shall pass and no one is to blame. I did take this to heart, quieted my mind and started to inderstand that what I need is a Lifestyle, not just a job. Starting every day with a feeling of great gratitude in my heart and maintaining this feeling all day long, new opportunities have been presented to me in alignment with my heart’s true desires! I now recognize these opportunities rather than dismissing them as unimportant. Thank You Andrea!

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