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TESTIMONIALS for Raven Essences:

Raven Essences have offered me nature’s support and blessing, connecting me to the stillness, creativity and vision of my inner garden wherever I may be. As a poet I have collected many poems and now give clients a poem to accompany their flower essence combination. A few words or a line of poetry acts as a complementary guide to their “creativity for wellness” practice. I also suggest clients create their own poem inspired by the flower essence definitions in their particular combination. The distillation of flowers and words reveal an underlying story and many grand “aha moments”. Mary Ann Moore; Freelance writer, poet, circle facilitator & flower essence practitioner; Nanaimo, B.C.
Andrea and Raven Essences have been instrumental in supporting me in my personal growth over the past decade.  In her work’s new direction, Andrea was able to provide me insight to my own private practice and give me a way that I could support my clients in between sessions.  Using the kits she intuitively selected for me, I have begun to make individualized essence mixtures which my clients love. Sandie McArdle


As a homeopath I work with people who have issues on multiple levels.  The beauty of the Raven Essences I find is that they can support the person through a transitional period while the homeopathic remedies act, helping to release any emotional or spiritual blockages that can cause aggravations or prevent healing, and helping the clients to more fully and smoothly realize their goals.  They work so well in conjunction with homeopathic remedies!
I also use the essences as guides sometimes…often I am led to a certain remedy before a client even comes in, and reading about it gives me insight into the issues I need to ask about or focus on during consultation that may be hidden.  Other times I am drawn to have certain essences in the room during the consultation, and they can help the client to open up and move through areas that may never have been shared before.  I also use these when doing sound work; sounding the essence in a bowl for the client can be incredibly powerful.
These essences are so versatile, I use them every day in my practice, and all of my clients love them! Kim Kalina


Andrea, I felt very confident following my intuition to seek your support knowing that I would be met with the same integrity and soulfulness that is apparent in your beautifully creative and rich connection with Earth. Still, I received much more than I anticipated.
Your ability to listen deeply and hold space for me while I shared my inner awareness yielded many wonderful insights. Your intuition is very clear, and the direction you offered unfolded with such ease and efficiency. Your guidance resonated with me and affirmed my own intuition and experiences, but also moved me beyond the threshold of my current vision. I now have a much more expansive understanding of my calling.
I’m deeply grateful for your willingness to generously share your wisdom and personal journey. I felt honoured in the time we spent together, and honour you. I highly recommend your support to anyone wishing to embrace the authentic expression of their soul. Melinda Urban (Amâeil), RIHR
Energy psychotherapist, theta healing facilitator, sound healing channel


I sought out a reading to help me be open and ready for a life partnership. I’ve done successful work with Andrea in the past and thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t looking for her to tell me when I’d meet ‘the man’, what he looks like or what his other particulars may be. What I did want to know was what internal work could I do to ready myself, to open myself and make space in my life for him.
Right from the beginning of the session, Andrea described a vision of where I was at. It was such a powerful image that propelled the session forward.  She described to a ‘T’ how this unbalanced and ungrounded energy affects me and how it repels men.  More importantly she had four very concrete steps to bring this energy into a more grounded and productive place. Whether or not ‘the man’ arrives, this was very helpful to me. J. Handelman


It is a rare privilege to feel witnessed through Gaia’s loving eyes – eyes that see us without ego, control or judgment but instead provide a grounded honouring of our unique and inviolable place in the web of life.  Andrea’s skillful facilitation is a precious gift.  Moving well beyond conventional ways of seeing, and consciously reflecting a deeply feminine perspective on our lives, Andrea’s work powerfully invites a re-forging of a sacred connection with the ground of our being that reveals itself as ever-present and unwavering in its commitment and love.  The ripples of Gaia’s witnessing span beyond an individual healing into communion and inspired actions on behalf of life on the planet. M. Vamvalis


Thank you so much for our conversation the other day.  It helped a lot.  The funny thing is that I’m rarely bowled over by the information that comes out…  It’s almost always something I know intuitively, something that’s been bouncing around in my brain for a while. However, instead of being still, I don’t grasp it fully on my own.  Our conversations bring the movement to stillness so that I can see and understand more clearly the concepts…  Then, instead of inching forward I find myself charging ahead. Renee Fedun


Like most parents, I read or attend workshops on how to parent.  I had never experienced such in-depth insight into my children’s lives until Andrea did a reading.  My strong-willed son was terrorizing the household; I needed to understand what was going on in his head and how he was feeling.  My daughter seemed more pensive and not as jovial and could not or would not say what was on her mind.  I spent an hour with Andrea and she helped me connect the dots.  I have since implemented her suggestions and have already seen a dramatic and above all positive shift.  Her personalized approach is second to none; no book or workshop can top that. I’m so grateful to have met Andrea; her truly special gift of deep understanding of children has made all the difference in our lives. S. Stefani


Thank you again for your wonderful healing circle. It was nice meeting you, face to face. I really appreciated the pace of the day, not rushed or hurried. Your support and patience as a facilitator was wonderful, your intuitive abilities are amazing.
With some of the activities, I had to really listen to what was spoken deep inside of me. This makes me feel more comfortable about trusting my intuition and speaking from that stand point. Walking around your beautiful garden made me more aware of what messages were out there. Not using my mind a lot was great, as I can be in my head a lot of the time. Linda Morey
(After a workshop co-facilitated with Jeannette McCullough) Thank you to you both for co-creating the setting in which deep, transformative experiences could take place.  I thought that your approaches were complementary.  Together you created and held a container in which the group felt safe to explore.
I appreciated the opportunity to feel my love for the earth through my body, not my head, and to express that connection through movement and sound. The experience in nature was very special.  I felt a deep connection to the earth, to you both and to the other members of the group.  Even though many of us had only met for the first time, the bonds of connection seemed to grow quickly. The work you are both doing is so needed in the world. Janis McCallen
Thank you for a wonderful Saturday. I really enjoyed it. I find that the embodiment of our helpers and our journey/process was very helpful and powerful. It took me out of my head and into my body’s knowing.  It certainly brought me closer to knowing myself better… I really liked the Drum Doctoring. The embodiment brought all that needed to be healed so close to the surface that I am still feeling physical effects of it. Eva Greff
Thank you.
For creating a space to spend time…with me.
Your roaring fireplace has re-ignited something.
Slowly, I’m remembering what it means to be alone and relish it.
How powerful.
I continue to make friends with all the parts of me that I am ashamed of, fearful of, or just ignore.
The body map I created with your guidance walks with me on this journey.
I am healing… Renee Bryce

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