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The Role of a Mid-Life Mid-Wife

By on April 30, 2013 / Leave a comment

  I call myself a Mid-Life Midwife… This phrase captures the soul-witnessing work I love to do with women. The birth analogy is a powerful one, for, in our wise instinctual bodies, women know how to create new life. As we move into our later years and our biological birthing-ability fades, our power naturally shifts …

Cultivating My Natural Way — In-depth Intuitive Consultations

By on March 27, 2013 / Leave a comment

If you are about to experience your first in-depth Raven Essence Consultation… you may appreciate knowing a little about the framework of an intuitive session. Though each session is unique, over time I have developed an approach that allows me to work in depth on the issues and concerns you bring, to offer practical insights …

A Dedication to the Earth & A New Vision

By on November 27, 2010 / 13 Comments

  For over a year, I’ve been doing some very private meditative research combining visioning and essential sounding. I am very quiet about this work for I am slowly gathering confidence in the visions and shifts I observe. However, something occurred in a recent meditation that feels important to share. Here’s what happened… I begin …

Creative Ways to Work with Flower Essences

By on February 06, 2010 / Leave a comment

Flower essences invite us to actively participate in a healing process. While most drugs work on us without any need for conscious change, flower essences are much more effective when we play an active role. Working with the living intelligence in the essences, we become much more engaged in the subtle shifts in our hearts, …

Raven Essence Consultations – the Premise

By on February 06, 2010 / Leave a comment

As a creative intuitive trained through many years of gardening, I tend to observe people the way I do plants. I have developed an ability to see each person as the unique ‘seed.’  Witnessing how this essential part of the person grows, I listen for what best supports them and what might be causing interference. …

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