The Destiny Kit

The Destiny Kit

The Destiny Kit was conceived and created in 2005. Many months of meditative thought accompanied the process of creating the essences, writing the definitions, poems, and accompanying information for the 25-page manual.

The seven essences outline a process of manifesting our destiny in these times, from the initial weaving threads of connection to standing in our joy. I understood a great deal more about what destiny actually means in these changing times, and the difference between destiny and fate. When I listened intuitively, I heard the role of joy in shaping destiny, and the four aspects of joy that we experience in our daily lives: embodiment, relatedness, accomplishment and our connection with the formless source of joy. I discovered four phase of the manifestation process: gathering, embodying, abiding, and ultimately sounding or expressing. There are various 'vessels' in which we experience our destiny: our body, our creative life, within a social context, and finally within the body of the earth.

A unique element to this kit is the premise that our destiny can no longer be viewed as separate from that of the earth's evolution. We are at a crucial time in our history where the decisions we make, personally and collectively, are intimately intertwined with the soul of the world. How we perceive ourselves and our personal life-experience must include a deep, soulful engagement with the heart of the planet. This is the central operational element explored within the Destiny Kit.

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