Stillness in the Void

Stillness in the Void

Stillness in the Void

A stone drops into the sleeping pond
startling the water's skin
and sending it, trembling, toward the shore.
Making its silent journey into the darkness
the stone is focused on nothing but falling.
The water yields, embracing this new heaviness,
offering a brief buoyancy for the stone
as it tumbles to its resting place.
The last waves whisper against the shore
as the stone settles into its dark new home.

Use the essence for a journey into stillness. It will help you surrender to the power and simplicity of your being. During meditation, use it to help you view your world through your heart. It will assist you to open a deeper connection with spirit for centering and healing, both within yourself and into the world around you.

Combination contains: Queen of the Prairie, Bougainvillae, Yellow Lily, Nicotiana, Ginger Lily, Calla Lily, Coral, On Tara's Hill, Orchid, Integration, Lighting the World, Crassula.


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