Honoring the Shadow

Honoring the Shadow

Honoring the Shadow

The hidden places...
backs of necks and tailbones
feathered rootlets of a tree
buried faces of large stones
purple insides of vulva petals,
rebel thoughts that rarely break free into air.

The forgotten treasures,
cast-off pieces and shiny masks...
taut smiles hiding fear and rage
chilly stainless machines and seductive glossy ads
fast cars, swift drugs, and soft ice-cream
smooth talk and puffed-up promises...
the convoluted ways we run, afraid of ever dying.

The world reaches its upturned hand to me...
my heart lurches with recognition.
These strangenesses are part of me,
a challenge and an invitation.
I must take up the morsel in my doorway
summon courage and hold it until it grows precious in my gaze.

Use the essence for psychic protection when you are moving through the challenges of the outer world. It will help you embrace paradox, to sort out what is yours from what needs to be blessed and released. It can help you when your world appears to be falling apart but is actually breaking open. Let the essence strengthen the purity of your heart, the clarity of your intention, and the receptivity of your soul.

Combination contains: Raven's Retreat, Dunderry's Call, Centurea, Orchid, Magnolia, Coral, Stepping Out, Yellow Lily, Oriental Poppy, Rudbeckia, Aubrieta, Gloxinia, Crambe, Gardenia, Cardinal Flower, Hosta, Tuberose.


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