Practitioner Consultation

Practitioner Consultation

Practitioner Consultations are designed to support holistic practitioners who want to integrate flower essences into their practice or to learn about the unique properties of the Raven Essences. I offer a free half-hour telephone consultation to intuitively tune-in on you as the practitioner, and then I look at the energy-field of your practice. Practitioners who have experienced this process appreciate being witnessed in their unique expertise at both a practical and a soul level.

Once our field of co-creative resonance is established, I intuit, through muscle-testing, the flower essences that would best support you and your clientele for a specific period of time. I also offer a brief overview on how the selected essences might support you and your work with clients. One of the valuable effects of flower essences in a holistic practice is that they help clients hold and integrate the shifts achieved in the session.

Once you've had time to review the recommended essence definitions, you can choose what you wish to purchase. (Our conversation can be recorded as an audio-file.)

It's Free!

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