Gaia's Invitation

Gaia's Invitation

Gaia's Invitation: Poems from the Sacred Earth, with 120 small cards for divination.

A beautiful, hand-bound book of poems, Gaia's Invitation is designed to strengthen our heart-connection with the Spirit of the Earth. Using the book and cards for divination on a variety of issues allows us to access nuggets of wisdom from the Sacred Earth.

Testimonials for Gaia's Invitation:

I used the cards for my personal sunrise ceremony each day and have found them beautiful and inspiring as Words of the Mother.

Diane Longboat, native elder with Soul of the Mother

Your views of this place we call our home, and how you write about then remind me of Walt Whitman, who sang of the buzzing world always with wonder and amazement. Your poetry is refined, fresh out of your mouth, convincing. It seems you were there and you heard and you saw and now you are telling us the news. Unadorned.

Peter London, artist and author of Drawing Closer to Nature

Thank God! Someone who actually talked to the earth and listened! You are truly ahead of your time. I dearly wish there were more like you out there. Hallelujiah! I would be honored to give you an endorsement:

"Andrea Mathieson has a rare gift... she understands the harmonious relationship between Gaia and her inhabitants. Shifting the focus from the old paradigm of arrogance to one of unity, she truly blends the energies of the earth with those who choose to connect with her in a much more highly evolved way.

With messages from the highest and most pure energies of the earth herself, you will find just the message you need, just when you need it... and with the purest connection indeed."

Karen Bishop:


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