Clearly in Sight

Clearly in Sight

Clearly In Sight

#3 in Somatech Essence Kit

Combination includes: Garnet, Sapphire and Gold, Aquamarine, Brain-Body Essences with Toning Bar.

Clearly In Sight assists with the physical, emotional and perceptual shifts that occur with new perceptions. The essence helps us remain centered and aligned while integrating the effects of a new window into our world. While change is always destabilizing, Clearly In Sight helps us move with the necessary adjustments in a graceful, coordinated fashion, anchoring our experiences from the past while opening to the expanded possibilities within the new visual matrix. The essence releases tension compounded from previous visual challenges. As we invite new opportunities available through the re-visioning process, subtle inner adjustments can gracefully occur at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


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