Following Desire

Following Desire

Following Desire

The desert, scorched and endless
held him without mercy.
No green shade or cool water broke his horizon.
Still he walked, following the compass in his soul.
Then a tendril of perfume, sweet and complex,
brushed him, capturing his heart.
Was it only imagination?
Again the scent rose,
lingered, fading.
Breathing deeply, he altered his direction.
Now the sweetness was a memory
drawing him to the ancient source.
Promising everything,
all he longed for...
he walked toward the treasure with no name.

The essence will help you to honor desire as integral to your destiny path. Use the essence to help you pause and access the still point from which all desire originates. It will help you to stand in your maturity, to access the wisdom that you currently need within your heart, mind, and body. As you open and surrender to the fullness of your dreams, they will gradually begin to appear.

Combination contains: Gloxinia, Raven Orange, Woman-Being, Helenium, Letting Go, Mock Orange, Millenium, Thanksgiving, The Messenger of Forgiveness, Cuban Hibiscus trees, Portia Tree, Castor Bean, Columbine, Sedum, Amethyst, Creativity, Othello, White Lily.


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