The Great Mother Kit

The Great Mother Kit

The Great Mother kit is a story of a profound encounter with the ancient archetypal energies that we may encounter during a descent into the dark night of the soul.

There are many names for this formidable feminine energy: the Black Madonna, Kali, Baba Yaga, or the Great Mother are a few. Though She has many different faces, her awesome power and connection with the sacred, generative energies of the earth is respected in the roots of every culture.

While these mythic journeys are always experienced as deeply personal, universal themes of loss of identity, terror and struggle, letting go and surrendering before the eventual return to the light are common to each tale. This was my experience too, as I created the essences during a time of profound soul-searching. I consciously entered each phase of the journey in my meditation room, weeping, howling, letting the pain sear me as the story unfolded over many weeks. Only later did I see how resonant my encounter with the Great Mother was with the great myths of many cultures.

The eight essences in the kit: Descending, Abandonment, Isolation, Surviving/Strengthening, Building the Ark, Holding the Thread of Hope, Surrender and Sacrifice, and the Return. Each definition and the accompanying tone-poem should be considered in the context of the complete story.

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