Refining your Inner Gold

Refining your Inner Gold

Refining your Inner Gold is designed to update clients who are already familiar with my work through a half-hour phone consultation, exploring the three vital questions in my free introductory consultation, A Moment with your Inner Gold: Where am I? Where am I going? What wisdom do I need at this time?

Using the flower essence definitions as intuitive prompts, after I address the questions I recommend a specific flower essence for ongoing support, and intuitively test for any other products and/or services that may be helpful in moving forward. If you decide to purchase what I recommend (within a reasonable amount of time) the $50 fee will be waived.

The consultation is recorded (link to the audio file sent via email afterwards) and you'll also receive the hard-copy of the essences we selected.

To repeat, this consultation is recommended for people who have either attended a workshop or solo retreat, worked with me through a series of intuitive sessions, or purchased flower essences in the past. It is also recommended for participants in an ongoing webinar series, such as Birthing the Voice of the Crone, beginning October 2018.

For people interested in learning about my work for the first time, I recommend the free introductory session, A Moment with your Inner Gold.


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