Four Seasons Consultations

Four Seasons Consultations

The Four Seasons Consultations involves four half-hour intuitive consultations near the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and the Summer and Winter Solstices. The purpose of this process is to assist you to be in greater conscious harmony with Nature's pivotal turning points throughout the cycle of an entire year.

Each half-hour consultation offers a reflective pause-point, a time to review what has shifted during the past three months, and to look ahead through the lens of the flower essence combination created specifically for you at each nodal point.

You will be invited to write a brief synopsis of your experience before each telephone session; based on your input, I will create the essence combination and send you the information for you to review before we co-creatively discuss the story-line revealed in the complex combination.

Each combination will be uniquely created for you from the repertoire of 350 essences. Our co-creative 'conversations' will help you learn to interpret Nature's story as it pertains to your life-journey.

The fee for this unique service includes the cost of shipping the half-ounce combination essences (four separate packages in total) within Canada and the US.


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