Birthday Essence Consult

Birthday Essence Consult

A Birthday essence combination can be a wonderfully unique gift, for yourself or a loved one. Intuitively selected from the full Raven Essence repertoire of 350 essences, your unique combination can reveal a remarkably insightful story about the central factors at work in your upcoming year. As an energetic tool for centering and grounding your energies, the essence is particularly at the start of the new cycle, and can be used periodically throughout the year.

To prepare your Birthday Essence, I need a short telephone consult with you (approximately 10 minutes) to intuitively tune in on your energies before making your essence combination. Then I create the complex blend and ship you the essence with instructions on how to use it and the definitions of each ingredient.

Once you've had time to review this written information, we arrange a time for a 45-minute co-creative consultation by phone or a Zoom conference call. During this session, (which will be recorded) we discuss the patterns revealed in Nature's story pertinent to your upcoming year.

If you are gifting a Birthday Essence to a friend or loved one, I need their permission to tune-in on their energy before making the combination. The one-ounce bottle is gift-wrapped in a beautiful organza bag.


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