Emergency Trauma Solutions

Emergency Trauma Solutions

Emergency Trauma Solutions are the personalized equivalent of Bach's Rescue Remedy formulas, created from the full repertoire of the Raven Essences. An half-hour intuitive consultation precedes the creation of the combination. Your personal essence comes with two half-ounce dosage bottles and a one-ounce solution bottle, enough to refill your essences for years!

Once you've received the essence bottles and definitions and had a chance to review the material, we will arrange a 45-minute telephone session to co-creatively explore Nature's story together. We will look for how it reveals your major stressors, insights into life-patterns that may be contributing, consciously and unconsciously, to your life-challenges. We'll also explore ways you can consciously coordinate with the essence energies in different situations. Both sessions intuitive sessions, before and after the creation of the essence, will be recorded.

Working with an Emergency Trauma Solution over time encourages a gentle tectonic shift in the way you perceive and are able to respond to stress. With several bottles to keep at work and at home, you can use the essence in times of crisis to alleviate the effects of shock, minor injuries, nervous system overload, or emotional overwhelm.

A blog with more about Emergency Trauma Solutions and one woman's dramatic story.


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