Practitioner Essence-Creation

Practitioner Essence-Creation

Personalized Practitioner Essences

One of the unique features of Raven Essences is the ongoing opportunity to create new combination-essences for holistic practitioners. As a unique way to distribute the Raven Essences, I designed a process to support holistic practitioners to co-create a personal line of flower essences that precisely mirrors their soul intention and can be sold directly to the clients.

How the process works:

Each practitioner has a distinct focus and 'flavor' to their work that attracts a resonant clientele. My role is to witness the practitioner at the central hub of his/her practice and to discern the elements that makes his/her approach unique. Then, I look at the energetic field of the practice to discern the nature of the synergistic relationship clients have with their practitioner. The originally-created essences are designed to support the practitioner in their unique soul-mandate, and to support each individual within this field of healing energy.

In this initial consultation, we discern the required number of essence combinations. Using the entire repertoire of Raven Essences, I create the combinations and check the formulas with the practitioner before writing the definition for each new combination, taking care that my wording reflect the consciousness of both the practitioner and his/her audience. I design new labels with a name for the essence with the name of their practice. The overall process may take several weeks before the final product is ready to be shipped.

Costs for the process:

The cost for the consultation is $100 per hour; each essence definition and label is $75. Once everything is complete, I ship the bottles to the practitioner. (Jewel boxes or organza bags can be provided for packaging at a small additional cost.) The price of each essence is half the cost of a regular flower essence. The practitioner then sells the solution bottles to his or her clientele at the full price while I retain the mother-tincture here at Grey Heron, providing refills as needed.

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