Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive Consultations

Cultivating your Natural Way Consultations are in-depth intuitive sessions to provide guidance and support at critical junctures in your life-journey. I listen deeply (to you and to your energies) and articulate what you may not be able to see, within yourself or your circumstance. Being witnessed at this depth helps you feel more confident in discerning the next steps on your life-path.

In a session, the questions that compel me are: What is this person's reality and how does their unique expression want to manifest in this circumstance and at this time? What is blocking the flow; what is needed to support the graceful emergence of Self?

Rooted in the heart of Nature, my intuitive approach tends to be very organic; I use images and metaphors to articulate the energies and insights I perceive in the session. The hour-long sessions, done in-person or over the phone, are recorded for future reference.


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