Flower Essence Selection Consult

Flower Essence Selection Consult

With approximately three-hundred essences, the Raven Essence system offers a vast range of energies to support your healing journey at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Choosing the right flower essences can be a challenge! Therefore, I recommend several approaches to help your selection process.

1. A personal long-distance consultation is $50 (CDN funds.) During the telephone session, after a brief discussion about your needs and intention, I do an intuitive scan on your energy before muscle-testing the essences that resonate with you. This witnessing process tends to mirror a far deeper layer of the healing process than is easy to access by yourself. You can review the recommended essence definitions before making your purchase.

2. Using the 'search mode' on the home page of the online-store offers a more left-brain approach. Most people begin their search by looking for remedies to address challenging emotions such as grief, anxiety, fear, anger, or shame. Asking what Nature would offer you at this time, you might name some growth-affirming energies such as: creativity, wisdom, joy, love, manifestation, or abundance. Other searches could focus on the aspects of life that are pertinent in your life: transitions, relationship, sexuality, spirituality, protection, or healing.

3. By using your own intuition, with a pendulum or some form of muscle-testing, you can tune-in on whether you need single flower essences and/or kits. Narrowing your search through the alphabetic order and through the various kits takes some time, but you will gradually become more familiar with the range of energies within this vast system. If you select an essence in a kit, you can purchase it separately, though I recommend you also test whether the whole kit would be supportive. It is also helpful to focus on a length of time (approximately one year) in making your selection.

4. The Raven Essence Manual is a very helpful resource in working with the system. It allows you to access the remarkable divinatory capacity of the system, as well as providing more insights into the healing capacities of flower essences at this time in our evolutionary history.


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