Snakeroot: Easing Rigidity

Cimifuga; Ranunculaceae. Bugbane

Snakeroot works in several ways. If we are lethargic and sluggish, the essence acts like a pump creating a strong pulsing energy to get us moving. If we are scattered and unfocused, it helps us face our resistance. At other times, Snakeroot encourages the silky, sinuous movement of energy within our bodies as the primal life-force sustaining our radiance. As a plant, Snakeroot is full of paradox: delicate tiny flowers blossom on a sturdy woody stem late in autumn. The essence supports the integration of opposites by easing physical, mental, and emotional rigidity by encouraging a full-frequency experience of life in our body-souls.

Flower color: white; Music term: sssssszzzzzz


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