Calling in the Energies

Calling in the Energies

Calling in the Energies

Arthritis: Moving with Ease, Cranesbill, Stillness in the Void, Restoring the Earth's Song, Centurea, Rudbeckia, Red Climber

Calling in the Energies supports a strong vertical axis, the axis mundi, as the central core within the World Soul. This is the operating realm of the Magician, where the heavens above (the upper world realm in shamanic traditions) and the forces of nature in the lower world realm dance in co-creative resonance. Our steady commitment is to the fluid movement of energies rather than to mental brilliance or forced will-power. Our guiding operative comes from the heart of stillness; our way forward is through ease and simplicity. Our position and our presence allows the restoration of the River of Life in and through us, as a blessing to all and a fulfilment of our souls' destiny. The current of life moves in both directions through us, upward as a traditional prayer to Spirit, and downward into the heart of Nature as a blessing to Creation.


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