Welcoming a New Worldview

Welcoming a New Worldview

Welcoming a New World View

Forget-me-not, Hollyhock, Ragweed, Sweet Pea, Building the Ark, Katsura Rose, Mother Mary Essence, Lighting the World

Welcoming a New World View is an unwinding essence designed to assist our core-energies to resonate and harmonize with Life. It encourages us to let go old strengths and habits that no longer serve us, particularly ones associated with righteousness, defensiveness, and power issues. Long-held patterns of fear, anger, and shame may surface to be released. These crystallized energies, sometimes inherited or locked into our cells through various forms of trauma, prevent us from living our lives with ease and creative ingenuity. Rather than struggling to change our external circumstances, the essence helps us find new inner resources to respond more imaginatively and joyfully to life-challenges.


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