New Year 2014

New Year 2014

New Year 2014 Essence; The Way of the Magician

Entering 2014, we find ourselves in a time of swirling change where many systems are breaking down while vibrant yet delicate seedlings of new growth are emerging everywhere, in and around us. During this pivotal year, it is a Magician's task to make the critical journey into the heart of stillness, where all creation originates.

The 2014 essence initiates a swift realignment with the Way through the visceral memory of truth, not as a static reality, but as an open path of future possibility. This living knowledge is completely alive and accessible within us as we pause and listen.

Paradox is central to this year's energies. Power-driven ways no longer serve us, yet we must be aware and responsive to the beckoning signs of personal mastery stirring within us.

Our best and clearest actions will always spring from the well of deep stillness, not from fear or anger. While deep discontent with the endless demands of a broken world may challenge us, we take care not to lose ourselves in battles with what is not ours to change. Humbly aware of our limitations, we lovingly tend the light within.

By letting go and doing less, we find we are able to achieve more. Flowing with life, we discover our natural strengths. Responding gracefully to shifting realities, we find our sturdy, peaceful center. As we follow this Way, whatever strangles us is eased and softened as fear gives way to flow.

With the river of life restored within our hearts, we experience Life's movement as both an ascending love-song to spirit and as a gentle waterfall, nourishing us and pouring a blessing into the sacred earth.

Combination includes: Light Body, Antique Pink, Stillness in the Void, Calling in the Energies, Self-Acceptance, the Unifier.

The booklet accompanying the essence includes information from the I Ching for the focus re 2014, general information about flower essences, and a poem from Gaia's Invitation.

A six-minute meditation-video on Youtube accompanies the essence experience: Click Here


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