Five Elements Kit

Five Elements Kit

The Five Elements Kit was co-created with Peggy Barrett, a Polarity practitioner and colleague in Toronto. In separate sessions, Peggy focused on each element, working with me to bring up the energies of each element in a healing context. At the end of the session, we would intuitively test for the essences that would resonate with and support the the particular universal energy in our body-souls.

The kit is useful for practitioners or lay-people who wish to deepen their relatedness to each element: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Working with the essences will help to balance the energetic pulsations as they manifest in our daily lives. For instance, if you tend to be too airy, you may need more water or earth; if you find yourself stuck in earthy matters and lacking inspiration, you may need some fire or ether. The essences help us connect with these primal universal energies in a way that allows us to move more gracefully with life's constant changes.

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