The Surround Essences

The Surround Essences

The Surround Essences were created to support the challenges associated with a range of diseases. Instead of directly 'curing' each condition, they are meant to 'surround' and loosen some of the energetic, vibrational factors associated with the conditions, addressing elements that tend to be overlooked in dealing with the physical aspects of these diseases.

It is important in working with these combinations to respect the many layers of healing that occur within a body-soul at different stages of life. Working with these essences does not have to involve the manifestation of the actual condition. Sometimes they can be helpful when a family pattern, such as alcoholism or migraines, has been a factor in one's heredity. The essences can also address some of the non-symptomic effects that mimic the conditions, in a more metaphoric fashion, which if unaddressed may manifest in an actual physical condition. For instance, the Fungus essence may not relate specifically to a problem in the body but rather a tendency to psychologically and emotionally 'hide one's light' or restrain oneself from being center-stage.

The essences were created in 1996 in the first Raven Essence garden with specific plants. A talented psychic healer assisted in proving the essences.


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