Free to Be

Free to Be

Free To Be

#4 in Somatech Essence Kit

Combination includes: Self-Expression, Raven's Retreat, Ninebark, Hollyhock Essences with Pentatonic Toning Bar.

Free To Be assists our bodies to connect with and access high-frequency earth energy. Wired dominantly to technological human frequencies, many people are increasingly disconnected from nature's healing pulsations. We are designed to receive multi-dimensional information from the natural world through our sensory systems. If our ability to access earth energy is impeded, the ability of our electrical, nervous, endocrine, and circulatory systems to function properly is compromised. The essence grounds our body's neurological antennae to the crystalline matrix within the earth which acts as a 'living internet' of universal forces. When this essence is used in conjunction with brain-body exercises, we regain confidence in our ability to express our unique gifts and wisdom. Regardless of age, the essence strengthens our intuition and helps us integrate all forms of information. Free To Be also releases fear and shame stored in the cells of our body. As our natural pathways of learning are affirmed and grounded through the root chakra, our will to learn is enlivened.


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