Men with Fire

Men with Fire

Men With Fire

#2 in Somatech Essence Kit

Combination includes: Raven Pink, Water, Aquamarine, New Year 2002 Essences.

Men with Fire assists with the expression of authentic power through a calm, grounded and flexible heart. The essence helps men access their emotions in a balanced way, reversing the macho tendency to dominate situations, other people and the natural world through force and willpower. Where men have often been caught up in a lust for power, this essence assists them to access their own manifesting potential of love. During times of radical change, the essence encourages us to develop a broacher vision and deeper compassion. The essence helps us stay grounded and true to ourselves when we are challenged by outer circumstances. As we access our creative joy and feel the passion transforming our bodies, the essence helps us to use this life-energy for leadership. Men with Fire strengthens and opens the masculine heart, encouraging the innovative clarity that our world so desperately needs.

This essence is useful to women when they are caught in over-drive patterns or in situations that trigger the tendencies to control, dominate or manipulate others. It helps women honor and integrate their yang fire energy without losing their feminine center.


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