Valentine's Day

Combination includes: Primrose, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Maple, Primrose, Golden Glow, Hops, Lady's Slipper, Lilac, Maltese Cross, Orange Cosmos, Oregon Grape, Tansy, Nervous system, Immune Breakdown, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Raven Blue.

As we stand in our newly-stated desires, we find an ally in the Valentine's essence for it helps us discriminate between what now longer serves us and what we must nurture and protect. By helping us gently contain what is developing, the essence supports the ongoing intensification of our desire. The Valentine's essence promotes a deep rebalancing of our internal masculine and feminine energies. As shifts in our outer relationships occur as a result of this internal re-organization, the essence helps us graciously embrace rather than manipulate the evolving elements in and around us.


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