New Year 2007

New Year 2007

New Year 2007 Essence: The Call

Combination contains: Calling Forth the Vital Life Force, Following Desire, Raven's Retreat, Feverfew, Raven Blue, Pink Lily, Nasturtium, Borage, Annual Trio, Love's Message, Raven Pink, Solomon's Seal

I call and what comes? Dark honey humming of clover and sunshine, cool water trembling on the lip of a goblet.

Life calls and what rises in response? Love and its pain swelling the bands of my heart; songs from the earth pressing tiny bones in my throat.

I call again, keen-eyed and listening as the messenger knocks at my door and the slim answer glides to me on night's quiet wings.

Life's call pulses in me again as a pure ringing bell in my heart, quickening the dormant song now flowing past my lips.

As the world accelerates, The New Year 2007 essence encourages us to welcome and embody the full life force in our own wise hearts and bodies. Releasing the blocks of fear and shame that keep us small, the New Year 2007 essence opens us to the magnificence in and around us. By easing the limbic system's tendency to automatically react to survive, the essence helps us dwell in the power of love by strengthening the connection between our heart and mind. As our intention clarifies, the essence helps us know when it is wise to wait and continue gathering our energies and when we must act boldly in response to Life's call.


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