New Year 2011

New Year 2011

New Year 2011 Essence

Combination contains: Orchid, Snakeroot, Hosta and Camperdown Elm, Standing My Ground and The Messenger of Forgiveness (from the Peaceful Warrior Kit), Dunderry's Call (Irish Kit), Departure (Gathering of Soul Kit), Night Essences, Endocrine/Reproductive System, and Lighting the World.

In 2011, a Great Power is available to us, in both its creative and its destructive possibilities. No longer asking us to wake up, the Life-force is demanding us to Come Home, to return to our hearts, and to stand fully present within the sacred center of our lives.

As this magnificent call sounds throughout creation, vital new forms are emerging everywhere. Meanwhile, this same power is also surfacing many hidden elements still lingering in darkness. The Great Power is a divine feminine energy, initiating all of us into a new Way of Being by re-membering our body-souls back into active resonance with Mother Earth.

We are being asked to let go and surrender in unprecedented ways. We are also being compelled to whole-heartedly participate wherever we feel genuinely called. In this time of creative chaos, it can be challenging to know how to respond, for old rules no longer seem to apply and familiar ways often feel uncomfortable.

When we are most challenged and feeling vulnerable, we must hold fast to what is simple, great, and true within us, and not collapse or sabotage ourselves. By honoring all we have gathered and nurtured in the past, we can trust our hearts' wisdom and stand in humble radiance, regardless of any darkness pressing in upon us. Knowing we are not alone, we listen into the heart of stillness, and with the power of Life guiding us through every cell of our being, we find our way Home.

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