Love's Message Essence

Love's Message Essence

Love's Message Essence

This essence was inspired by the poem, Love's Message (included in the special gift-package.)

Combination includes: Raven Pink, Aconitum, Golden Glow, Hibiscus, Maltese Cross, Oregon Grape, Creator, Zinnia, Valentine's, Raven's Retreat.

Love's Message begins in the heart, then reaches into the abandoned, shame-filled places in your house of being, touching them with nature's loving hands. It whispers into all your empty corridors, "You are safe. You are loved." The essence shivers "Show your fiery colors," through your muscles, then plunges into your deepest pools with the message "Believe in miracles and make them real." Love's Message rests finally at your crown where it illuminates your halo of light with the words, "Dwell here. You are love."

To read the poem upon which this essence was created, click here.


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